Teaching Science To Young Children.

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Teaching Science To Young Children.

Children, specifically those in between 3 to eight years of age, learn best through doing.

Abstract ideas and concepts are difficult for them to grasp, due to the fact that they mostly find out about the world around them by experiencing it with their senses.

teaching young children science - Einstein's Top Secret Science

For this reason it is important to concentrate science lessons around things that they can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.


This is so that they are continuously immersed in science, as they discover all types of new and various things about the world around them, how things work, and about themselves and others. These types of discoveries are science in an extremely real way.


Since children are normally really curious and love to experiment, the early childhood years offer a best opportunity to assist kids develop a love for discovering and particularly a love for science.


By providing a lots of opportunity for your children to experience things in a hands-on method, you will motivate and increase their curiosity and soon everything they come across will become an important science investigation!


Children learn by finding answers to their questions.  These questions arise from their curiosity and is a very important part of their thought process. Question-asking assists children in making connections in their minds, between various things they have actually experienced.


You might get tired of addressing the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” questions your children ask each day. Sometimes they could even ask you questions that you don’t have responses to.


Make it a goal to help them find the answer to those questions. Or provide them with the resources where they can find the answer themselves.

teaching young children science - einstens top secret science

You can likewise motivate children to think by asking leading questions and urging them to clarify their own answers to those questions. This is a great way to assess what your children are learning and what they already know about a particular topic.


It is important to keep in mind that children are constantly learning.


You can use this to your advantage by engaging children in ‘fun’ activities, where they are learning without even realising it. This is the concept on which the Einstein’s Top Secret Science programs are based.


They are having so much fun that they don’t even realise that they are actually learning about science. These are principles that can be applied to any area of learning.

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