DIY Science Kits

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DIY Science Kits

These DIY Science Kits are suitable for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Day Care Centre activities
  • School classroom activities
  • Vacation care programs
  • Out of school / after school care centres
  • School holiday activities
  • Home activities

All kits come with helpline support and full instructions that provide you with discussion ideas, tips and hints to get the children thinking about the experiments.

About the DIY Science Kits:

  • Designed for ages 4 – 11
  • Contains enough equipment and materials for 30 children
  • Each kit contains hands on activities
  • Time required to complete all activities depends on the group size
  • Sessions with 30 children may take up to 1.5 hours to complete
  • Activities can be completed in one session or broken up over a number days or weeks
  • Kits for smaller or larger groups can be supplied. Get a quote here.


Available Kits 


Einstein’s Workshop is the science sensation with an excellent mix of experiments. All materials and equipment included. It combines elements of chemistry, physics, air pressure and electricity.



It’s slimy, it’s disgusting, it’s also a little disturbing. It’s also the reason us scientists crave it. Make snow no matter what time of the year it is, rubber rings and other chemistry concoctions.

All materials and equipment included.



The Scenario:

Top Secret documents have been stolen from a Government laboratory. Einstein’s Scientists have been called in to assist with the investigation. The children are sworn in as Top Secret Science Investigators and through experiments will examine the evidence.

Then through a process of elimination, they identify the criminal mastermind behind the theft.

What can be more exciting than combining science and mystery. Suspect lists, fingerprint forms and full instructions are provided.


There is nothing better than making slime. It’s slimy, oozy, gooey and lots of fun. Tell the children they are making slime and see how excited they get. Make green slime, red slime and blue slime. Easy and fun to make with full instructions.


Click here to get your kit price


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