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Make A Tornado.

Make A Tornado. Here is a great, easy activity to allow students to get up close and personal with the concept of a tornado. Here is how to make your classroom twisters: Materials: Water, Vinegar, 8-10 oz. can/jar with lid (small coffee cans work well.), clear liquid dish soap, and Glitter. Instructions: 1. Fill the [...]

What Did Dinosaurs Look Like?

What did dinosaurs look like?   If you hear the word “Stegosaurus”, what picture immediately comes to mind? What about “Tyrannosaurus”? “Brontosaurus”? You’ve probably seen illustrations or models of many different dinosaurs: gigantic creatures with long necks and tails, stocky creatures with hard heads and horns or fierce teeth, and even swimming dinosaur-like creatures! But [...]

About Volcanoes

About Volcanoes You’ve probably heard in the news about volcanic eruptions, or you might remember when Mount St. Helens erupted. Perhaps you’ve even seen an active volcano. Although they are often a destructive force, volcanoes are an amazing facet of creation. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and eruption types.   Volcanoes erupt [...]