Birthday Parties

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Children’s Birthday Parties 
that are Scienterrific!

  • Suitable for boys and girls ages 4 – 11.
  • Hands on activities for 1 hour.
  • Keep and take home experiments.
  • Our Scientists come to your home, a park or hall.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are fully insured and vetted for safety.
  • Our science experiments are specially designed for the target age group.
  • Our activities are truly hands on and not just demonstrations.
  • We specialise in children’s science parties only. We are not fairies one day and superheroes the next. We only do science.

Science Parties Sydney

Our Birthday Party Themes.


The Original and our most popular theme. It is the science sensation party with an excellent mix of  experiments. This theme combines elements of chemistry, physics, air pressure and electricity. Stretching a sheet of A4 paper like a rubber band, Alien Flubber and more.

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It’s slimy, it’s disgusting, it’s also a little disturbing. It’s also the reason us scientists crave it. Make instant snow no matter what time of the year it is, rubber rings and other chemistry concoctions.

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Top Secret documents have been stolen from a Government Laboratory. The Einstein’s Scientists have been called in to assist with the investigation. You are sworn in as Top Secret Science Investigators. Through experiments you will examine the evidence and through a process of elimination, identify the criminal. The game is afoot, young Einstein. What can be more exciting than combining science and mystery.

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Find out more about us …

Download the Einstein’s Science Party Invitation Template here.


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